Friday, July 17, 2009

Mix bag of mud

Foreclosure, seem to be a hot topic.

· Foreclosure could be declining according to the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FIFA). April foreclosure starts were 85,938 down from the June's total of 88,491.

· Foreclosures rose 15% in the first half of 2009 impacting 1.5 million homes according to RealtyTrac. In addition foreclosures in June increased 5% from May. RealtyTrac also said June was the fourth consecutive month of 300,000+ foreclosure notices.

· For the first half of 2009 Nevada #1 Arizona #2 in foreclosures

Job Market, it is all about jobs! Unless and until the job market gets better and people get back to work, or if they are working and not feeling good about their long term job security, the recovery is going to be slow. If you want to watch one statistic watch the continuing job claims number.

· animated map provides visual timeline of job loss in U.S (2004-March 2009) let's just say "red" win.

· Initial jobless claims were down 47,000 to lower than expected 522,000 (the lowest level since January 2009).

· Continuing jobless claims fell to 6.2 million.

· Every quarter since March 2006 bankruptcies have increased. In the month of March 2008 there were 245,000 and a year later there were 330,000 in March.

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